The story of Mrs. Khadije Khaled , Wady Khaled – Akkar, North Lebanon

“An Agricultural project founded on domestic & collaborative work”
“Providing for three families or 12 persons partially or entirely”

This is what Mrs. Khadija Kahled said, when asked to describe her experience marked by a special zeal and ardor for work, which exceeded its expected financial revenue, which also goaded her to defy economical challenges.

Actually it all started thanks to Um Khadija, Khadija’s mother who out of the 15 cows she initially had, only 2 remained. Two cows were enough for her daughter to initiate her own private agricultural project by selling cow milk. Where do things stand now? Well, Khadija owns 6 cows, 30 hens in addition to 10 Dunums of irrigated land where she grows onions, potatoes, barley, corn, olives and forage crops.

Khadija is in her thirties. She is passionate about her work. A passion, that drove her to engage in this experience despite her modest resources. What characterizes that experience? Its work methodology based on an innate integrated farming concept Khadija developed. Our vibrant lady has successfully made the most of every single available resource by planting arable lands, producing forage crops, using organic fertilizer and definitely avoiding whatsoever kind of herbicide or insecticides, so as, to guarantee the quality of the product.

“Khadija applies innately in her farm the agricultural integrated system”


The beginning of the idea & The obstacles


Mrs. Khadija had expansion plans. She opened a home-made dairy product shop. Her products gained quickly fame in the area, which lacks stock breeders and cattle farmers and they enabled her to enter the market and become a fierce competitor even for industrial products. The reason behind this success is that Mrs. Khadija adopts a clever marketing strategy; her dairy products are unrivaled in terms of quality, production and hygiene. Those elements allowed her to win customers’ loyalty..


The least that can be said about Khadija experience is that it is a successful one amid a rural conservative and somehow hostile environment for a woman. The debut of that success story date back to 2005, since then the only motive behind that pioneer lady is how to modernize and moving forward with her collaborative agricultural project.

Ps: Upon Mrs. Khadija’s request, we refrain from displaying any picture of her or of her farm.

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