The Story of  Mrs. Suzanne Douaihy – Zghorta, North Lebanon

“My family relies entirely on my income”
“It all started with a personal initiative”
“It’s all about persistence and perseverance”

This is how, in few words, Mrs. Suzanne Douaihy, describes her story. A project which enabled her in a short time to break and overcome traditions and customs and commence a productive activity that ensures her and her family, some kind of revenues helping them to survive

The personal initiative was born from private resources based on the home resources: “Rural or Country Cuisine” in other words, the “Lebanese Cuisine”. Thanks to the support of Souk el Tayeb, Mrs. Douaihy started serving traditional Lebanese dishes and as one goes along, she evolved quantitatively and qualitatively.

Suzanne success not only beneficial for her since she gained independence and autonomy but its sparks reached her fellow countrywomen, by creating job opportunities for them and allowing them to fly with their own wings in a society which considers the best place for a woman is her house.

What started as a small project soon turned into a huge success and Suzanne and her team started serving restaurants in addition to private events and occasions. However, their major achievement, was exporting their products to the whole world. That said, her family hinges now 100% upon her revenues and income. This is in itself a huge challenge for a woman living in the village and in dire social and economical conditions.

Suzanne said, “the smack wouldn’t have happened, if it wasn’t for persistence and perseverance”. She also assures that her ambition is even bigger and she expresses readiness to pass on her experience and expertise to women in other Lebanese villages, so they can access a sphere which was monopolized by men in her society for many years ago.

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