The Story of  Mrs. Sanaa Rashid Khodr  Baaqlin – Mount Lebanon

“Must benefit from the agricultural lands that we own but we often neglect “

With this back ground and from the womb of nature the project idea was born. In the area of Ba’qaleen – Chou in Mount Lebanon Mrs.Sana Rashid Khodr established her business starting from a small store that sells rural food products- healthy and natural rural Lebanese cuisine but rapidly grew into several branches in the area (to villages of Kfarhim, Choueifat)in addition to the main branch that remained in Baaqlin.

She holds a Diplomain Arabic philosophy, but decided to retire early from academic and teaching life to delve deep into the business world. Driven by her will to benefit from what she gained, she chose to employ the experience of 52 years in her new rural project. Starting from simple resources – an initial cost of US$3000, where “initially I started the work athome“ she said “and later on as it grew I opened adomestic shop..”the budget was increased to reach in the last yeararound US$.9000 in a very short period.

“It was a hobby” and turned into a profession”  keeping the genuine rural identity of each product enriched by Sana’s  experienceand manual input.

Olive oil, syruproses, pomegranate juice, tomato paste, pickles, distillers, brickblood cells, jam, honey dryers (figsandraisins), sumac, thyme, Kishik, olives, vinegar (sour grapes, grapes and apples…” all are healthy and environment safe products”Confirms Ms. Sana“as was attested byall her customers” she says.

“You must have a talent, and you should love what you do and be committed” this profession needs to follow hygiene rules be accurate and professional at the same time.. These words summarize her advice to other women who wish to experience similar  projects.

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